Epiq Class Action Services Canada, the class action claims Administrator is committed to ensuring the personal privacy of class members who visit this Web site. We take steps to ensure the safety and integrity of transactions on this Web site. You should also take basic precautions to maximize your protection. Confidentiality, authenticity, integrity, access control are our prime security concerns. Internet security requires a partnership between two parties – in this case, you and the claims Administrator. We have extensive security tools in place to protect your confidentiality, and our Web site enforces specific standards that you must follow to ensure that your personal information is protected when you transact with us online.

Secure Online Claims Registration

Epiq Class Action Services Canada does not automatically gather any personal information such as your name, phone number, email address, or street address when you visit this Web site. We obtain this type of information only when you choose to submit it.

Whenever you conduct online transactions with the Epiq Class Action Services Canada, we use the highest bi-directional encryption key available (2048-bit secure socket layer (“SSL”)) to encode your information and protect its confidentiality while it is in transit. This is one of the most secure forms of encryption available in North America and is a typical requirement for Web based services such as online banking or shopping; where securing personal information is a priority.

Any information you provide is disclosed only to Epiq Class Action Services Canada employees who need it to process your claim. We do not disclose the information to any party inside or outside our company, unless authorized by law or Court order.

Security for Confidential Data

We take steps to ensure the safety and integrity of transactions on our Web site. Epiq Class Action Services Canada uses specially configured computer Web servers for any business we do with you. We use firewalls to protect our Web servers from unauthorized access.

When transmitting personal information, access to our Web servers is limited to Web browsers that meet our security standards of encryption. We ensure that your personal and financial information is encrypted (or scrambled) when it is transmitted between your computer and our Web servers. This ensures that computer hackers and other Internet users cannot view or alter the data being transmitted.

Your Data is Encrypted

Encryption uses a mathematical formula and an encryption key to scramble information so that an unauthorized person cannot understand the information. The scrambled information is decoded—or converted back—into the original format using the same mathematical formula and a decryption key so an authorized person can understand it. While the information is encrypted, it cannot be viewed. With 2048-bit SSL encryption, the privacy of information passing between your Web browser and our Web servers is ensured. Encrypting the information allows it to be transmitted and authenticated safely. Data cannot be compromised when SSL is in use. Through SSL the identity of the server computer can be verified. Although it is also possible to identify the user as well, Epiq Class Action Services Canada does not use this method of identification.

When you send data using SSL encryption, the data is broken down into small, separate packages of information called blocks. SSL then encrypts each block. These encrypted blocks are sent over the Internet as individual network packets, and are individually addressed. Once all the packets have reached the safety of our secure Web server, they are reassembled and decrypted.

Web Browser Security

Some security guidelines must be followed to do online transactions with us. We also suggest precautions that you should take to maximize your protection. For a secure transaction, you must use a Web browser that meets our security standards. Your browser is automatically tested before you begin a transaction. You should keep your browser and operating system up-to-date by regularly applying available upgrades.

Test Your Browser’s Encryption

To make sure that you can complete your transactions securely and confidentially, you must use a Web browser that supports a sufficient SSL encryption level. We recommend Internet Explorer 10+, or any version of Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome.

Session Cookies

For operational reasons, we use session cookies during online transactions so that our server can track your browser’s activity on our Web site and interact accordingly. Using cookies for this purpose does not put your computer or personal information at risk.

You have the option of refusing to accept a cookie, in which case you will be unable to complete your transaction online and must choose another way to deal with us. You may instead contact us via phone or email.