Welcome to the Sears Canada Warranty Claims Site

Qualifications to submit a Warranty Claim

  1. Do you hold a Sears Canada extended warranty, also known as a protection agreement?
  2. Did you purchase your warranty before June 22, 2017?
  3. Have you had to pay to repair or service your appliance or other Sears Canada product that would have otherwise been covered by your warranty (i.e. the repairs are within the warranty period)?

If the answer to all three (3) of these above questions is “yes”, you may have an eligible claim for compensation for the repair costs that you incurred and paid and which would have otherwise been covered by the warranty (a “Warranty Claim”).

What is required to submit a Warranty Claim

Supporting documentation is required to be submitted with your claim in order to determine eligibility including the specifics of your warranty purchase, the details of your repair costs and the supporting invoices from the company that repaired or replaced your product.

The deadline for submitting a Warranty Claim through this Sears Canada Warranty Claim Site was June 12, 2021 (the "Warranty Claims Bar Date").

What is covered

Only costs actually incurred and paid by you to repair or service the product that would have otherwise been covered by the warranty will be considered in determining whether you have an eligible Warranty Claim.

What is not covered

Any other claims in respect of your warranty, including for example, claims for a refund of the cost of your unused warranty, or in respect of any coupons related to your warranty will not be considered an eligible Warranty Claim.


For additional information on eligible claims, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website here.

What are my options?

Submit a Claim

This was the only way to receive compensation.

The deadline to submit a claim was June 12, 2021.

Do Nothing

If you did not submit a Warranty Claim by the claims submission deadline, you will not receive compensation and your Warranty Claim will be forever barred as against the Sears Canada Entities.